What we do

The professional experience gained in the years has allowed us to develop an operation  programme, finishing, maintenance and protection that takes into consideration the characteristics and details of each surface be it a gloss or an opaque finish.

CF Trattamenti have particularly specialized in the laying, the treatment, the restoration and cleaning of flooring, stairs and surfaces in:

  • marble,
  • brushed,
  • granite,
  • natural stone,
  • cement,
  • glazed stoneware.

Furthermore, we are specialized in salvaging valuable antique flooring and the restoration of mosaic and Venetian Terrazzo flooring.

Both modern and antique terracotta flooring are treated by a renovation procedure and stucco work.

We also carry out the salvaging of old marble coatings found in the atriums of buildings that have been worn through time and smog.

Finally we deal with anti-stain treatments of extensive oil/ water repellents with a protective wax-based finish for both the exterior and interior.

At CF Trattamenti we use equipment and machinery that also enable the process and polishing of marble flooring to produce  the characteristic antique effect.

Contact us for an assessment: we will check the state of your floor and decide on a process  made to measure.