The laying of floors

The achievement of a new floor not only requires a careful study of the surface and an appropriate plan of the phases of the fitting, but also a proven technical ability and craftsmanship in the actual laying of the materials.

The initial phase of positioning

Furthermore, in the case of the removal of old flooring, skill is required to check and evaluate the state of the level underneath in clear view, its compactness, conditons of damp, damage, the cleaning, levelling etc. in order to execute all the corrective measures fit to guarantee efficacy and long life of the new floor.

Measures taken on the level underneath, particularly before and after the workmanship

We guarantees expertise and experience in carrying out all the phases of the laying and fitting, beginning with the design and planning, at the same time respecting the existing setting and the wishes of the client, to the smoothing and final polishing.

Flooring through a cycle of workmanship completed

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